Dimensions and 3D data

We are able to print objects 190 x 190 x 190 mm.
Larger objects need to be stacked or glued. Products are printed from input CAD data.
3D modeling and input drawing documentation is not included in the print price.

Choice of materials

We print from the following materials:

PLA - Suitable for decoration and non-functional models, low thermal resistance.
NYLON - Its low coefficient of friction and high melting point make an excellent choice for printing of functional and technical parts.
CPE - Suitable for functional models.
PET - Resistant to acids and solvents, high and low temperatures.
PVA - A water soluble material that helps to print more complex parts.

Print time

The total print time depends on the size and quality required for the final product. It is also necessary to consider cleaning the model and its finishing.